Shattered Pot…Made New

Slowing down a minute to drop this note.

In the future I’ll be sharing more about how this Type A

“cracked pot” became shattered,

but…for today…

I want to let you know how I have the power to become new…even at the old age of 65!

First…a question:

Is there something missing in your life?

I went to church my whole life and considered myself a “good” person. Something was missing, however.

Jesus waited politely while I figured it out.

I had placed Jesus in a box – safely shut out from my pain and sorrow.

I held Jesus at an arm’s distance from my imperfections.

I thought I could fool Him.

From the outside I had everything. Inside I had nothing.

God sent someone to call me out…to question my relationship with Jesus. —- Did I really believe Jesus was who He said He was?

Gripping a steering wheel one night as I drove to work, I cried out to Jesus.

I could not do life alone.

The mask had to come off. I prayed for Jesus to come into my life.

This changed my life forever.

Giving our lives to Jesus and accepting His gift of salvation doesn’t magically take problems away… It gives problems, hopes, dreams and fears a God-inspired perspective. Salvation gives us strength to face anything.

Jesus waits politely while you figure life out.

Jesus wants you to invite Him into your painful places.

Maybe it’s time to make a decision.

Who do you think Jesus is ?

Jesus wants to walk with you in life…through good and bad.

Perhaps it’s time for prayer:

Jesus, I ask you to come into my life. I’m sorry for all the times I mess up. I need you. Please take over my life. I want to walk with you.

When we give our problems, hopes, dreams and fears to Jesus, God gives us an inspired perspective and strengthens us to face anything.

Giving your life to Jesus and accepting His gift of salvation does not magically take problems away, it gives life and problems meaning.

Jesus is waiting. —May this be your defining moment.

All it takes is letting go and letting Jesus in…

12 thoughts on “Shattered Pot…Made New

      1. Indeed, Laurie, indeed! I am so grateful!
        May His blessings shower down in tremendous ways as you continue to bless us all with your heartfelt writings and reminders. ❤️


  1. I am so grateful we got to spend time together when we were in Sister Act… you are a special woman and I love your blog! May God bless your transparent, open heart and draw others to Himself through your ministry. ♥️🙏🏻💕


    1. Awe… thank you, my sister! I wish I could come back to Venice and perform with all of you again! Funny thing, I just finished playing Luisa in “The Fantasticks” on Boca Grande and communicated with Brad Wages to come – since he is directing this. He was so sweet, but could not come because of Silver Foxes. What a wonderful experience to sing and perform again – especially therapeutic right now during trauma. I send love to you — a very special, kind performing friend! ❤️


    1. Precious Denise! Thank you! I will humbly step out and share my story. God – help me. Precious people need to know God helps us even in the midst of chaos and confusion. God always, always provides us love and value when the world discounts us. I am so very very grateful for this.


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