About Laurie

Hi! I’m Laurie Meek Watkins, a Cracked Pot who leaks!
This means I’m not perfect, but I have a purpose in this big ole world.
So do you!
My job is to help you settle down and enjoy the gifts you’ve been given.
If that involves letting you laugh at my mistakes and learn how you can avoid them (or use them), bring it on!

If you’re like me, you leak. (I hope I’m not getting personal here!) In my life, I fill up with God’s love one moment (i.e. moments I have it together) , only to spring a leak and lose it the next! I need a Savior to fill me up (See my Cracked Pot’s Cheer, 2 Corinthians 4:7-9).

Want to know more?

_____I went to school to be a journalist, so my spelling is horrific.

_____I’m a really hammy performer (I love musical theater!)

_____I love to sing. (I’ve always been loud – Why not put some music to it?)

_____I’m a list maker. Lists are a big part of my blog (Don’t you like to check off points?)

_____I love to make people laugh. I’m also learning to laugh at my own frantic tendencies. I think God laughs at them, too.

_____I’ve raised three daughters who are accomplished and awesome. 

_____My goal is to walk my journey with dignity and glorify God as I go.. 

I want you to know Jesus loves His imperfect people and can use us for a GREAT purpose!

CHECK OUT projects, misadventures, reflections and confessions right here.

4 thoughts on “About Laurie

  1. We really enjoy reading your blogs Laurie. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda and Jerry Steimle (your chauffeur to Keys Ranch – Joshua Tree National Park)


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