The Dance

“Come weary saints, though tired and weak,  Hide away in the love of Jesus.” We danced in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Winnie and I waltz-stepped and slowly spun. Around and around.  My baby and I were in church.  “Come wandering souls and find your home Hide away in the love of Jesus. He offers the … Continue reading The Dance

A Bedtime Story…Life rearranges. God never changes

Writers note: My post today is credited to concepts of Stephen Elkins.  I highly recommend you buy his book: “Bedtime Prayers that end with a HUG” - available through and    It is a delightful bedtime book for kids like me. COVID sure has crudded up our lives, right folks?  It’s tossed us into uncertainty.  It’s chucked us into … Continue reading A Bedtime Story…Life rearranges. God never changes

Talking without Turning Off

I couldn’t take notes fast enough. Craig Hill’s dynamic presentation, “Supernatural Relationships” was  burning up my CD player. Wowsers! —Was I ever convicted! I figure if I can relate, so can you. My hubby and I don’t always communicate well. Same with my kids. We need help.  Here’s what I’ve learned  from “Supernatural Relationships” (In … Continue reading Talking without Turning Off