There’s lots of talk about freedom these days. I’m so grateful for the freedoms I enjoy. But, in today’s culture, it seems the race to be “free” of all restraints is also rampant.  Many don’t want to conform to any constraining morals, values or beliefs.  That, to me, is the best way to become trapped.  … Continue reading Freedom

The Dance

“Come weary saints, though tired and weak,  Hide away in the love of Jesus.” We danced in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Winnie and I waltz-stepped and slowly spun. Around and around.  My baby and I were in church.  “Come wandering souls and find your home Hide away in the love of Jesus. He offers the … Continue reading The Dance

A Bedtime Story…Life rearranges. God never changes

Writers note: My post today is credited to concepts of Stephen Elkins.  I highly recommend you buy his book: “Bedtime Prayers that end with a HUG” - available through and    It is a delightful bedtime book for kids like me. COVID sure has crudded up our lives, right folks?  It’s tossed us into uncertainty.  It’s chucked us into … Continue reading A Bedtime Story…Life rearranges. God never changes