A Bedtime Story…Life rearranges. God never changes

Writers note: My post today is credited to concepts of Stephen Elkins.  I highly recommend you buy his book: “Bedtime Prayers that end with a HUG” – available through www.share-a-hug.com and www.tyndale.com/kids    It is a delightful bedtime book for kids like me. 

COVID sure has crudded up our lives, right folks?  It’s tossed us into uncertainty.  It’s chucked us into change, BUT…

                               Life rearranges. God never changes.   

I thank a sweet little book for reminding me (and my sad daughter on the phone) of this fact.

My daughter, Taylor, is one of those “essential workers.”  Every day she has to pull herself together and work with public schools to recreate learning, record keeping, and school administration by using technology in this crazy COVID world.  

Taylor is the one they call: with complaints, questions,  frustrations, anger, fear.  She must walk callers through problems.  Sometimes, she must mask up and go outside into the poorest of poor places to help students.   

My daughter’s job is stressful.

Our telephone conversation was lasting long into the night.   There was lots to process. We were far, far away from each other. We had no access to hugs or touch or even true eye contact, plus…there were tears. 

The book was on the top of a box I was packing.  It caught my eye.  I picked it up.

“Hey, I’m going to read you a bedtime story!” I said to my adult daughter.   “God Never Changes…A Prayer about Trusting God.” I read a sweet story about change and hard times and trust.   Taylor listened quietly. 

“Wow,” Taylor said across the miles of telephone line.  We both paused peacefully on the phone. 

I snuggled with my baby that night, just like old times when we lay side-by-side in her cozy bed, her head laying sleepily on my shoulder.  I read Taylor a bedtime story.  

In the same way, God snuggled with us. He tucked us lovingly into our imperfect world. He reminded us, no matter how difficult life becomes, He is near.

And so Taylor and I and God ended our day with a hug. 

                “For I the LORD do not change; therefore you,

          O children of Jacob, are not consumed.” – Malachi 3:6

                                      Goodnight !

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