Talking without Turning Off

I couldn’t take notes fast enough. Craig Hill’s dynamic presentation, “Supernatural Relationships” was  burning up my CD player. Wowsers! —Was I ever convicted! I figure if I can relate, so can you. My hubby and I don’t always communicate well. Same with my kids. We need help.  Here’s what I’ve learned  from “Supernatural Relationships” (In … Continue reading Talking without Turning Off

Life Isn’t Always Picture Perfect: A lesson in “P”

Pandemonium.   Protruding pipes. Pulled wires. Projects.  Plans go awry. Problems permeate.  Precarious positions cause personalities to plummet.  Persons plead so planes are patronized.   Life has been, of late....peculiar.  I find myself planning, planting, pushing projects or packing to protect a precious person.  This makes for a proliferation of “Ps” in my life.  This, … Continue reading Life Isn’t Always Picture Perfect: A lesson in “P”