Top Ten Tips on Coping! #6 Write!

Worried? ✅ Worn out? ✅ Write it down! 

Write is number six on my Top Ten List for Coping.

I write a lot. 

In 1963 when I was 7, my Grandad handed me a little General Electric notebook.  It was a tiny, bound datebook, an early advertising give-away.  To me…it was a treasure.

I immediately scrawled, “I am seven.  My brother Robin is 12.  My brother Carey is eight.” 

I was hooked.  Almost 60 years later, I’m still writing.

Grandad’s wife, Hazel, also inspired me. She sat in the window of the house next door clattering at an old Royal typewriter.

I could see her writing about things she saw through her window.

Sometimes she even wrote about me.

Grandma’s spare beds were covered with manuscripts. Yellow typing paper overflowed nooks and crannies. Hazel was a teacher and a frustrated writer, never published, but always writing.

I became a journalist, which means my grammar can be awful and my spelling worse.

(I stop right here to apologize to my readers for my careless flaws 😜 )

✅ Writing is therapy.  

✅ We process life through writing.  

Through childhood, teen and young adulthood, my journal entries were often prayers.  

I talked to God.  I shared terrible traumas.

Now those young traumas seem so trivial… But God read my words and provided anyway.  

✅ In troubled times, write

✅ Write it down to tear it up.  

✅ Write it down to let it go. 

✅ Write it down to remember the good.

✅ Write it down to process pain. 

✅ Write it down and give it to God.

The process of writing slows you down and focuses your mind.

That pesky old part of the brain which sends rapid fire panic messages can be slowed a bit when you pause to write.  

In other words.. Don’t panic. Pick up a pen.  

Writing with love……

Writing down the good stuff God says….

Sometimes, I just copy scriptures to post all over my house!

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