Feeling Low? Laugh! 

Sometimes I watch mindless comedies. I laugh loud and hard at the jokes.

Good thing I’m alone. My guffaws fill the room.

“Laugh” is number seven on my Top Ten Tips for Coping.

 Please embrace laughter in your day.  

My daughter buddies are quick to laugh. Silliness can saturate their room.  Their giggles are glorious. Their laughter is catching. 

Catch a laugh. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter:

  1. ✅. Increases your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulating your heart, lungs and muscles.
  2. ✅. Releases endorphins, which are calming
  3. ✅. Activates your stress response, increasing, then decreasing your heart rate and blood pressure, resulting in a good, relaxed feeling.
  4. ✅. Soothes tension, stimulating circulation and aiding muscle relaxation.

Julie Wier inspires me. Julie was diagnosed with cancer as a 34 year old mother of six children under the age ten.  

 I watched in amazement as Julie coped and, yes, laughed, during her cancer journey. When chemo took her beautiful long hair, she joked with the medical team about it. 

Julie coped with cancer, THEN  heart failure, all the time dealing with special needs children.   Julie’s many burdens were buoyed by Julie’s laugh.

Not only did Julie survive all these challenges, but she became a clown!  She spent 15 years directing a clown troupe which helped others, well…laugh.

Julie’s laughter is catching.   Julie’s courage is catching. 

-Take a tip from my girls and my friend…laugh as much as you can.  

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