Cracked to Shattered…and Back Again

✅ I’ve always jokingly referred to myself as a cracked pot

✅ Little did I know I’d be shattered

✅ For the past two years, I’ve dealt with the cold, cruel chaos of trauma.

✅ Some of you know…some of you don’t…My love of 40 years chose to walk away from our marriage .  

✅ I’ve tried to reconcile and help my husband, but, ultimately, had to resign myself  to repeated, unexpected betrayal.

✅ I’ve forgiven my husband.  

✅ Now… I must fully let go.  (Matt 18:15-17)  

✅ As Lysa Terkeurst has said, we cannot change the repeated wrong choices of those we love. 

✅ Through these two years I’ve been counseled by believers, psychologists, doctors, therapists, and others who have helped me walk this journey.  

✅ I’m sharing what I’ve learned via posts in this blog and instagram @typeachecklist.

✅ Just search for posts on anxiety, fear, gratitude, hope, Covid, love, loss, grief and more. 

✅ Want to learn more? 

✅ Follow along with me on this journey of healing @typeachecklist 

✅ After all, we’ve all experienced loss and rejection

✅ My goal is to walk this road with dignity and glorify God along the way.

✅ I promise to use all the tools God’s given me to get through…and to help you.


4 thoughts on “Cracked to Shattered…and Back Again

  1. Your willingness to share your pain and help others is such a blessing. Thank you for your wonderful ministry! 💕


    1. Im praying praying pain can have meaning and my words can touch others who feel “less than” because of betrayal or rejection. We have to move forward. We have to dance to God’s song. Pain must have purpose! All to God’s glory !


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