Grief and Healing Come in Waves

Two things come in waves:

✅ Grief


I often walk the waves.  Maybe it’s because of the grief. 

Life literally pulled the rug out from under my feet. 

I’ve lost my dream and it will not be coming back.

Grief is inevitable.  So…I walk. The cold stinging wash wakes me up.

The motion distracts. 

Walking a new path

I walk a new path these days. 

Sometimes I appear to have it all together. 

I laugh and cut up and make jokes and wax eloquent. 

Sometimes, however, I’m reminded. Tears choke my throat.  My eyes lower. I can’t look up.

Reality is too hard.    

Grief comes in waves…

Grief comes in waves.

When I walk the waves, the water pulls my toes. Water disappears, then returns, taking many things with it.

Shells roll away…then come back.  Sand floats, then settles again. 

Motion is constant.



a constant.  

Healing comes in waves.

Healing comes in waves…

God helps you feel the sensation.  You sense movement. 

For a moment, strength returns…but then flows out again.  

You have to be patient with healing.  It doesn’t come in one strong, soaking crash. 

Healing comes with a long,  subtle push-pull. 


Life Lessons

Things may roll away

only to come back.

God may deposit life at your feet

for a  new perspective.

Then life rolls on. 

Healing comes in waves.  Motion is constant.

God is in the grief.

God is in the healing.

God is in the waves.

God is in the waves

So…Be patient. Be observant. Step wisely.  Don’t miss the stinging sensation of being alive and learning as you walk.

Grief comes in waves.

So does healing. 

✅ Let them both wash over you …and…

✅ Be patient with yourself and God. 



2 thoughts on “Grief and Healing Come in Waves

  1. I lift you up before the Throne in gratitude for all you have done for so many others in the past and for all you will do in the future for all of us. I pray for those waves of healing to be constant for you as you walk through this difficult time. May you feel the close presence of the Lord wrapping you in love and caring.
    Thank you so very much for your willingness to share with us as you experience such deep pain and difficulties in order to help us learn through your writings along the way.
    May you experience great blessings and the peace which comes from our beautiful Lord.
    Love, Pam


    1. Thank you so much! What a sweet message! I know God walks with me and I am so grateful. I also know every single person has experienced loss, trauma and worries. Things in the world just don’t always work out the way we want. I humbly share my little piece of grief, knowing so many carry a bigger burden. I hope my words can help others. I want to point people to Jesus…HE is the answer! ❤️


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