Most Thankful

I sat in the sun today.
There. I admit it. 

I walked the path in the windy, sunlit afternoon.   Down the path, over the curve,  the sun dazzled me.  It kissed my cheeks and warmed my neck.  That’s why I just sat right down… and stayed there.  

There was a convenient bed of clover to rest in.

I got to thinking this was  an extension of Sunday worship.

After all, God provides the light. We just need to sit down and savor it.

The wind swirled the trees.  Leaves churned and bowed in  a worshiping whisper.

I marveled at the fact I could hide right here in this sanctuary.

No one would  really know I sat in the sun on the walking trail…except the random walker.

I’m sure one curious walker wondered if I’d fallen, but my smile told him no. 

I’m just an odd little woman sitting on a walking trail.

I’m thanking God and absorbing His glory.

Thank you,  God, for sunlight and whispering worship trees and walking trails and clover. 

Thank you, God,  for the whim to sit.  

-Who’d ever imagine this Type A Lady could  be “in the moment” with the breeze and bugs?  

In spite of pressing issues, I stopped.

This is good.

I am most blessed. 

I am most thankful.

4 thoughts on “Most Thankful

  1. As usual, you have poetically described your walk with our Lord. He loves to walk with us, to talk with us, to bring us peace and joy. He has created all the beauty you enjoyed just for your pleasure, Laurie. He has so much “wonderful” planned for you. Keep looking. ❤️


  2. What a wonderful reminder to us all to just “Be still”. I can imagine God smiling at you as you took the time to enjoy and marvel at the beauty around you and be in special communion with Him.


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