I can’t say the word: “whimsical” without smiling.

There’s something about the word. 

Whimsy is like a joyful secret no one knows but you.  

✅ When times are tough, it doesn’t hurt to be a bit whimsical.   

✅ Celebrate the silliness of the senses.  

✅ Notice the music of the mundane. 

✅ Dance in despair. 

✅ Giggle in the gloom

✅ Whimsy relieves your brain.  

In my life of chaos, I’ve found the importance of being whimsical. 

After 40 years of life together, my husband left me without warning. 

My brain was bursting with despair.  I couldn’t take the intensity.  

✅ I fell on my face before God.  

✅ I clung to Jesus.   

✅ I prayed and read the Bible, finding peace in the Psalms.

✅ I let myself focus on whimsical things.  

When life is intensely oppressive, it’s healthy to escape for a bit into whimsy.

Here’s my whimsical checklist: 

✅ It’s OK to be whimsical.

✅ Don’t worry about what others think.   

✅ No one will understand.  They might even think you’re crazy.  

✅ It’s OK.

✅ Escape into your imagination for a bit. 

✅ Pick flowers 

✅ Look for the fairies in your garden.  

✅ Ride your bike and imagine you are twelve racing down a hill.

✅ Turn up the music and dance with wild abandon. 

✅ Notice the birds flight.  

✅ Lay in the grass and flap your arms in the clover

✅ Gaze into a dollhouse and pretend you live there.   

✅ Swing – pumping your legs and tilting your body in the rush of energy. 

✅ Run down a hill 

✅ Have a pretend tea party with a preschooler. 

✅ One year. I even climbed into the cornfield and stayed there for a bit.  I listened intently to the breeze rustling the leaves…and discovered peace. 

Don’t miss out on the benefit of being whimsical!  

“Look, I am sending you our as sheep among wolves.  So be as shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves.”  –  Matt 10:16

I bought this precious ”Land Girl” doll from Helen @isabellas_secret_attic . All her creations are whimsical! This doll reminded me of, well, ME!

8 thoughts on “Whimsical

  1. ah so true. And whimsy and running to God are such good coping mechanisms when Life Gets Tough. So good to see you today. Love and hugs and prayers for you. Denise


  2. You have a wonderful way of looking at life. We should embrace whimsical things, especially ourselves because that’s how God made us. I hope your life is improving now. God bless, Lisa xxx


  3. Do you know there is a movie series called Land Girls about WWII women who had to learn how to run the farms while the men went to fight? Been awhile, but I remember liking it. I’m Stuck on WWII historical fiction!
    Love you, friend. The Lord is working all this out in you. Loveliness. 🥰🥰


  4. You are so tenacious! 😀 Good on you for not allowing the pain of what happened to overtake your sense of self! ❤


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