It’s gonna be OK

“Of course we’re canceling rehearsals on Valentine’s Day.” 

He shouted  this out flippantly.  

All the couples in the room laughed a ‘why of course’ laugh and went about their busyness .

I stood in my self-made circle, swallowing hard.  Quick, drink some water. Pain washed through me with the water. I smiled and nodded knowingly to all my fellow actors.  

No one knows my secret.

I stand in the midst of my giggling crowd and wonder.  What will I do on a day designed to celebrate love? 

What is love? It’s more than a feeling.  Love is an understanding. Love is deeper than the romance and roses touted on Valentines Day.  

✅ Love is reassurance. 

✅ Love is choice…never to leave.

✅ Love is knowing…someone has your back.  

✅ In the midst of the hardest things …love has your back.  

✅ When times are tough…love will not leave.

So I stand amidst the chattering crowd and wonder what I’ll do on Valentines Day.  

No one has my back.  

So…today…again…God whispers,

 “I have your back.”  

“It’s gonna be OK.”  

God is subtle.  He doesn’t  shout or sweep us off our feet.

There are no roses…not even a card.

I have to watch.  

I have to listen. 

In the subtle pastel of early morning rising….

In the distant song of passing birds. 

I hear my love.

“You’re gonna be OK.”

And I give thanks. 

During the worldly rumble of Valentine’s Day when romance rules…. I ruminate:  

“What has happened to me?”But I can’t stay there.

  God brings me back to HIS presence.

We dance together in this life, God and I. 

If I’m wise and aware …. I feel God’s love in all the subtle moves.

…And if I move in the right direction, I can radiate God’s love to others. 

I can step out of my little circle into Light.   

…And I bet…I just bet…I can embrace another lonely soul.

—Would you like to join me? 

We can cherish God’s love,

if we choose to accept it. 

Even when friends walk away ✅ Even when the world is rough

✅ Even when beloveds betray…

God’s got us.  

God’s message is consistent and clear because…

God is love. 

“I love you…It’s gonna be OK.”

“I have loved you with an everlasting love.

With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself” -Jeremiah 31:3

12 thoughts on “It’s gonna be OK

  1. Yes, Laurie! God has your back and so do I. I am with you in spirit, continuing to pray for you. You share truths which are hard to say openly. Your courage, strength, and faith are such lights which shine for others to see. And your positivity during such a difficult time is a real model for us all.
    Sending loads of love and hugs to you, sweet friend!💖💕


    1. Awe…thank you so much. I look…always look…for the blessings. Even getting up every day is a blessing. Can’t say I’ve got this right – but this shattered pot is stumbling through! You are precious to pray. I can use prayer ! Thank you!


  2. You can count on my continued prayer, Laurie! You are such a blessing and fantastic model for the rest of us. Continuing to let your light shine in such beautiful ways and blessing us with your beautiful thoughts and photos are such an inspiration. With all of the difficulties and pain you have been experiencing, you continue to reach out to help others.
    May the Lord bless you in a multitude of marvelous ways. And, made you feel the presence of all of us who walk beside you in spirit as you traverse through this difficult time. You are so very loved and truly appreciated by so many. Please remember that. 💖
    I truly hope that sometime in the very near future I will have the opportunity to give you hugs in person rather than just virtually!


  3. Transparent and true!! You’re doing well- truly Philippians 4:8 being lived out, friend. Keep leaning into Jesus. He’s got you. Now and for eternity.


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