A Message from my Dog

A Message From My Dog —

Tate taught me a God lesson today:

“Stay close to your Master.”

My dog has sad brown eyes. His furry ebony face is flecked with white brought on from more than 10 years of running in farm fields. Tate’s an old dog.

We’re taking Tate on a long road trip. He curls up like a lamb on the floor of our truck, quite content. Tate doesn’t care where we’re going. He knows he’s safe nestled close to his Master.

Tate sits quietly in the tiny low space by the driver’s seat. When we stop, the dog’s old joints won’t let him climb out, so Brad picks him up, cradling his legs like a shepherd holding a lamb.


This reminds me of something…

Hmmm…Gentle Shepherd.

Tate doesn’t mind the leash and never fights it. The leash keeps him connected to his Master. Dog and Master walk together at each truck stop.

Tate prances and dances and sometimes pulls the leash until his Master holds him fast. Brad is keeping Tate safe. Tate knows it, so he cocks his head and flips his ear and trots back to Brad.

The Master pulls him close and strokes his head.

It seems to me like Tate, with his bristled dog whiskers, smiles.

Tate taught me a God lesson today:

Stay close to your Master.

I need to be like this little lamb – content to stay close to my Savior…to be sensitive to His direction and to understand when He pulls me to safety.

God will keep me…and you…safe on this journey, as long as we stay close.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. – John 10:27

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