Cleaning and Calm…at the Cabin

God always reveals something special when I calm down and pay attention.  Take cabin cleanup: God transforms raking leaves,  shoveling mud, even cleaning toilets into peaceful pastimes. So here’s a play-by-play of my calming cabin cleanup.

The cabin hides in the hillside, wide blue eyes gazing languidly at a spring fed river swirling at her feet.  Mom  and  I  are  cleaning. It’s  a  peaceful  time.

The river serenades my shoveling.  I pause by the river.  I’m raking winter leaves, Fall’s gift mixed with winter’s melted snow and sliding mud.
River Walk raked clean of leaves.

The fire pit needs tending.  Soon it will be ablaze with marshmallow roasts!
Gathering Place – dusty and lonely. Lessons from my father are marked on rocks sitting on our cabin windowsill. I dust them off and place them lovingly back on the sill.

Dad  would  be  proud  of  my  dirty

hands!  He’d smile at our hard work.  

Cabin cleanup is

a peaceful time.

“God will keep in perfect peace whose mind is set on Him.” – Isaiah 26:3

Cabin cleanup is over.  Shovels and rakes and rags are put away.  I’m kinda sorry I’m done.  It’s been a peaceful time.

Thanks, God, for the work weekend.

5 thoughts on “Cleaning and Calm…at the Cabin

  1. I can testify to all that Laurie said about the cabin.
    Been weekend home for me
    In my lifetime too and the smells there are beyond
    Explaining. Glad to hear of notes left by Glenn.
    We’ll never forget our memories


  2. What a beautiful place. You are so blessed to have a peaceful holiday home to go too. I can see that you are looking after it with love. X


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