Tools to Avoid Traps

The Type A Lady has been struggling lately.  What is it?  Why am I shipwrecked and emotional?   

I am falling for some devilish traps.  

So…today I share my checklist for overcoming traps which distract:

Before you get trapped in discouragement, STOP.   

Ask yourself, “What am I believing?” 

Then… search for God’s answer, not yours:

What am I believing?

  1. I need someone’s approval.
  2. I must meet certain standards
  3. Those who fail are unworthy
  4. I cannot change

God wants me to know: 

1. I don’t need approval from anyone except Jesus. 

2. I don’t have to meet self-imposed standards. Jesus has already met every standard of perfection.

3. I should not remain in the shame of failure. If I don’t love myself in failure, I will not get past the failure. “Forgetting what is behind, I press on…”  (Phil 3:13)

Close your eyes.  See Jesus. 

He is beside you, doing the right thing…

making the right choices. 

Take His hand and step into Him. 

Savor the joy of HIS perfection

…not your own.  

I’m already forgiven. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 

Feel Jesus embrace you and whisper the words: “I forgive you.” 

  1. 5. I am a NEW CREATION. (Rev. 21:5)

God makes all things new, including you.  Every day in every situation, search for something to be thankful for.  Studies show thinking in terms of thankfulness shuts down the fearful side of the brain. 


6 thoughts on “Tools to Avoid Traps

  1. Thank you Laurie. I love the way you think. Jesus is with us always, we just have to open our eyes and see him. It’s pretty amazing that we are all precious in His sight! 🙏💛


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