Five Tips to Cope with Worry

Are you a worrier?

The Type A Lady is a worrier.

I tend to take on other people’s problems. Worry is my watchword. Heartache is my hangup.

Now, as a Christian, God calls me to care. But, when I’m conquered by concern, petrified by problems and distracted by distress. I’m not useful to God.

I’m codependent. That’s why the Type A Lady needs help. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I’m looking into prayer, Bible study, counseling, and guidebooks to help me.

I need all the help I can get to balance overwhelming obsession with healthy caring. 

So, I’m learning.                      

Here’s my first


for worry:



1. Pray, don’t panic. (Phil 4: 6-8)
2. Remember: You are not God. (Job 38)
3. Let go. Let live. (Matt 7:3-5)
4. Understand worry is worthless (John 16:33)
5. Don’t feel guilty about things you can’t fix (Romans 8:1)

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