Easter: HERE!

Easter: New beginnings

 Easter is here.  Wait a minute…Here in New York City where the morning air is punctuated with blasting horns of impatient drivers?

New beginnings. Here where motors roar though inches move?

New beginnings. Here where sirens blare and remind us of endings?

New beginnings here where people push and look down, never up?

Yes! Easter here. New beginnings here. New beginnings everywhere. That’s what Easter is all about.

New beginnings here in the crowd. New beginnings here in the hustle and bustle and the hurt and the pain. – New beginnings even in the loneliness of loss and sorrow.

Easter here. New beginnings inside us, sprouting in the barren, scattered leaves of our lives.

Thank you, God, for Easter.

Thank you, Jesus, for suffering. Because you suffered, we know there’s nothing we go through which you haven’t embraced.

You were shoved by crowds and rejected by those you love. You were hurt and suffered. You gave up your life and for us, you have won.

Easter brings new beginnings, right here, right now…in our hearts.

We only need to let go and let  Jesus in.

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