Heads Bowed…Harvest Time

I’ve love watching the corn. Corn grew steady and tall, like soldiers guarding country roads.  

The beautiful green stalks could be a hideout.  Once, I climbed in. 

Nestled there in the whispering row, I found peace.

I loved the corn and the tall shelter it provided.  

But now, it’s harvest time.  The harvesters are out .  The harvest moon is, too.

The orange globe glows above golden fields, sparkling and translucent. 

The green corn has turned golden. Leaves are brittle and frail.

The lush ears which pointed up to the moon are now withered and



When the breeze blows, the corn no longer whispers, it rattles. 

My tall corn seems to have lost  life…and yet, now, at harvest time, it becomes useful. 

A farmer once told me you shouldn’t harvest corn until the heads (the ears) bow down.  

I’ve always thought this was odd.  

When the corn is green and beautiful, it’s being prepared for harvest time. 

Day after day…the corn changes until, just when it looks dead and lifeless… it gives life.  

Hmmm… Am I seeing an analogy here? 

Do you feel used up at times?  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel brittle and frail. 

Day after day challenges can wear us down. But we shouldn’t forget. 

When we feel used up, it just might be harvest time, a time to be useful.  

God can do His best work when we feel defeated.

But first…Let’s bow our heads. Then we’ll see what God helps us do. 

It’s harvest time.  Are our heads bowed? 

Beneath the shimmer of His Harvest Light…God will help us serve. 

2 thoughts on “Heads Bowed…Harvest Time

  1. What a great analogy, Laurie! Your messages and photos are such a wonderful reminder to us that God can use us in all circumstances and that He will be right there with us when we feel used up. When we bow our heads, He lifts us up and we can be useful!

    Thank you so much for these important reminders and for brightening my day!!


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