Village of LIGHT!

I just returned from New York, the sparkling “Big Apple.”

In New York everything is dazzling and over the top.

Big. Bright.
I saw a lot of lights there. Macy’s dazzled. Ralph Lauren shimmered and Rockefeller Center sparkled.


Nothing can surpass my Village of Light.

Thank you, Little Village, for welcoming me home with a soft glow.

I came home weary and exhausted and overwhelmed, but it only took a trip through your streets to lift me up.

Cheery wreaths and candy canes are suspended from old-fashion street lights.

Friendly homes beckon, decked out in splendor.
Nativity scenes lay gently in
front yards.

Seeing Jesus brought my heart peace.
I parked in front of a nativity scene in the darkness. I wanted to sit, absorb it all and remember the gift no one can take away.

No matter what is happening, Jesus still comes.

Regardless of death, sickness, frustration or fear…Jesus still comes and brings a special light. He invites us to join Him in His glow.  

Jesus’ light can’t be taken away, but we have to choose to let it in.

Thank you, Little Village, for reminding me.

I saw nothing but lights in New York. Even in the darkest night, windows still shimmered with life, street lights flashed, car headlights careened down streets, sirens screamed red and blue.

With all this light, there’s very little rest in

New York.


Here in my village, I pause and rest in quiet lights.

I am grateful.

So…for those of you who struggle with sadness, doubt, fear or loss…don’t forget to nestle in Jesus’ LIGHT.  Like my Village light, it is soft, gentle and soothing…because His LIGHT is LOVE. 

Light of the world, you’ve brought my heart peace.

It’s good to be home.

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