Holy Ground at the Mud Pond

It’s Sunday. I look out my window as a bright fall breeze makes leaves dance, circle and float above the shimmering grass. Down the hill, beyond the golden soybean field is my pond. It’s surface is also dancing with the gentle wind.

Today, as I listen to praise music and read Psalm 143, I’m reminded of a day long ago when Brad and I were baptized in that very farm pond.

I love the concept of baptism – an outward sign of an inward change. With loving commitment, my mom and dad dedicated my little baby self with a sprinkle of baptismal water about a thousand years ago.

I can’t remember that day, but I’ll never forget the day I committed my whole life to Jesus and… my mud pond became holy ground.

When we were baptized as adults, Brad and I slid on the mud into our farm pond. Faith Baptist Pastor Dennis Morgan, our church deacon, Paul Adams, and another deacon, the great gentle man, Dr. Burl Hand, slid on the mud with us.

Brad, Laurie and these men of God stood in the mud, waist-deep in water. A gentle rain began to fall. I could see the wonderful congregation of Faith Baptist standing on the dirty shore beyond us. They held blankets above their heads to shield them from soft raindrops. I could hear them singing:

“We are standing on holy ground…and I know that there are angels all around…”

I’ll never forget that moment. Pastor Dennis placed his hand on my head. Down into the water I went…then up with a joyful splash!

“Dead to sin…raised in newness of LIFE!” Pastor Dennis shouted as Brad and I emerged.

WOW! What a moment! I came up dripping wet, but I have to tell you, I felt excited and, well, NEW.

Fast forward a few years.

Life’s kinda hard right now. Let’s face it, for a lot of folks (including me), life is downright muddy.

But, I still believe in the promise of my baptism and the ability of God to make my mud pond… and my muddy life, holy ground.

I just have to fall back in Jesus’ loving arms. He will make me new.

I invite you to join me. Let go. Give your life, complete with it’s dirt, to Jesus. Let Him wash you clean.

When we do this, no one may be able to tell. We won’t be dripping with mud pond water, but inside, we’ll be different. We’ll find the strength we need to get through.

We might even feel new in the midst of all the mud.

In every situation, God can make something new…as long as we let Him. After all, if God can make my mud pond holy ground…

Anything is possible.

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