Life Isn’t Always Picture Perfect: A lesson in “P”

Pandemonium.   Protruding pipes. Pulled wires. Projects.  Plans go awry. Problems permeate. 

Precarious positions cause personalities to plummet.  Persons plead so planes are patronized.  

Life has been, of late….peculiar. 

I find myself planning, planting, pushing projects or packing to protect a precious person. 

This makes for a proliferation of “Ps” in my life.  This, also, quite frankly, makes life perplexing, even for a personality as persistent as mine. I’m just not too patient with all of this.



I’m very grateful God has provided one more “P” in the midst of my pandemonium, however:


I’m persecuted and peevish, but my heart perceives promise.

                                       Because of this, I find…peace. 

Change may bring pressure, but God is providing peace. I’m praising Him for His precious provision:  I just need to remember His particular promise: 

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”

                                                       – Isaiah 26:3

I’m sitting in an airport right now.  I’ll admit I’m a little punchy.  But one thing I’m sure of: God will provide the particular thing I need, even if I’m not sure what it is.

I’m making my way home.  Things are packed. Pressure’s off.  Progress is being made. Persistence has paid off. 

Thanks, God, for the privilege of perceiving your perfect provision, even when life is not picture perfect.  

 (who loves alliteration)

7EAE9A0A-EC30-434D-9845-466287970A60Pressure Pointers

  1. Step out. Get out the door: A quick dose of air and glimpse of nature   helps. 
  2. Stretch and breathe. Get those arms above your head! Move those knots out of your neck.
  3. Repeat Bible Verses  (PS Collect Bible verses in the calm times to call on in calamity)
  4. Don’t take everything personally. When folks are hurting all sorts of ugly tumble out.  They’re speaking to pain, not to you. 
  5. Pray, talk, scream, cry out to God (He can take it)
  6. Take a mind vacation. Visualize your happy place and go there 🌲🏠
  7. Know this will pass. Pandemonium will not last forever.  Life is a process progressively  proceeding  (sorry – couldn’t resist those last P’s! 😜)



8 thoughts on “Life Isn’t Always Picture Perfect: A lesson in “P”

  1. Hi Laurie. Excellent post and very creative writing. I’ve had some amazing times of peacefulness myself when there should have been pandemonium. It’s all thanks to God..He keeps me grounded. Thanks for this great reminder. Lisa xxx


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