God Gifts: Gifts which keep on giving

There are many kinds of gifts. Wrapped gifts are pretty cool. -Who doesn’t want to tear into pretty packages?  But….I wonder….how many of us remember these gifts a year after we get them?  

Then there are God Gifts.  God Gifts inspire us to keep on giving.  

I love God Gifts.  I’ve gotten lots and I’ll never forget them.

God Gifts touch our hearts and soothe our souls.  They’re special. They’re blessings. 

A God Gift can be as simple as a gift of time, a listening ear, a chore, a card, a shoulder to lean on, or….a gift of golf.

Today I start a series of articles about God Gifts.

Top Five Ways to give a God Gift:

1. Be sensitive Different folks need different things. Find the unique need and fill it.

2. Smile Easy to do, but sometimes hard to remember to give.

3. Listen – Type A Lady needs to put a clamp on my mouth and listen. 

4. Do a chore There’s a job which needs to be done. Find out what it is and, as the Nike ads say, “Just Do It!”

5. Say something – This can take the form of a card, a letter, an e-mail or a conversation based on the needs of your God Gift recipient. Take the time to say something. 

God Gifts and Golf

– My Father’s Tale

My father used to golf every week. Once a year, he also donned a cap and traveled south for what we all knew was a “golf weekend”. Dad had a bunch of golfing buddies and golfing love.

It seemed so strange when  dad could no longer play golf. His eyesight failed. His shoulders bent. His knees gave out. But he still loved golf.

With faded vision, he still watched the PGA. Mom talked to dad about the images on TV. They watched golf together, but dad could no longer play.

One day, however, my brother-in-law, his son, son-in-law and an old golfing buddy gave my daddy a gift.

It was foggy at 6:30 a.m. The fog was rolling over the greens of the golf course.  This was tee time. Larry, the golf course marshal had reserved it for us.

You see, Larry had once played golf with my father, so he gave him the gift of golf. It was a God gift.

My father emerged from his car, leaning heavily on his cane. Son-in-law Logan and grandson Logan Aaron stood ready with a golf cart. Grandson Paco took photos. All these men rolled out toward the tees by 7 a.m.

I noticed Daddy straightened up in regal form as he rode the golf cart. His withered hand rested on his knee and he gazed, sightless in dark glasses, toward the golf path. His mouth was set and determined. He sported a jaunty golf hat and khaki pants. He was ready to play golf.

The boys helped dad out of the cart at each hole. They gave him his club. He walked resolutely toward the golf ball. He shifted from foot to foot and stroked in the direction he sensed he should stroke. The ball bounced forward.

The wonderful foursome played nine holes of golf. This was a God blessing.

Then, these men brought daddy back to the clubhouse for lunch.

Dad’s satisfaction was palpable. I could see it in his face. The God blessing was evident.

My father, who was dying, played golf with his grandsons and son-in-law. It was a God Gift beyond all things. As I sat beside dad at the clubhouse table, I murmured a prayer of thanks.

This was a special God Gift.

10 thoughts on “God Gifts: Gifts which keep on giving

  1. God’s gifts are the blessings that always “pop up” unexpectedly, and keep on giving! Laurie, your Gift of Golf story is beautiful! My Daddy was a golfer, as I read this, and if he had lived longer, I envisioned my son and grandsons giving him a “Gift of Golf”, a lovely thought. Thank you for reminding us just how important God gifts are to us all! ❤️


    1. Oh yes! And some God Gifts can be so simple! -Watch the blog for more! The biggest GOD GIFT is we were fortunate to have our dad with us for awhile. I am so grateful to my mother for helping make that possible❤️💕😍🙏


  2. What a beautiful memory for everyone involved. Now, you have a beautiful memory of your dad enjoying himself playing his favourite game of golf before he passed away. I’m sure he is in heaven continuing to wear his cap and play golf all the time to get his handicap down if he has one. He is probably playing with Jesus. Thank you for sharing your story. xxx


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