God’s got this…Cause you can’t handle it

GOD: I’ve got this…cause you can’t handle it.  

These words flashed on the screen in church Sunday.  I needed this.  The words hit me between the eyes. There are many things I try to do on my own.  All my striving, my worry and my “fix it” mentality exhaust me.  I need God’s help.  

Then comes the darker stuff. My anger. My “get even” thoughts. My woundedness.  My revenge.  Oh, how I have to give all this mucky stuff to God!

God‘s got this. I can’t handle anything without Him. I do a mucky job when I forget. Thanks for the reminder.

27B2739B-885F-434C-8AB0-DCB25647EE90❤️Love, The Type A Lady

2 thoughts on “God’s got this…Cause you can’t handle it

  1. Thank you. Its so freeing to know that God takes it all.. even the rubbish in our lives that we need to hand over for recycling. Xxx God bless you, Laurie.🙏


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