The Jesus Doll….a short story

My friend, Vanessa, makes Jesus dolls. I’ve fallen in love with them. If you’d like to buy one, here is the link to her etsy shop:

I’m excited to say, Vanessa’s offering a discount to my readers!  If you use the coupon code : CRACKEDPOT (Perfect for the Type A Lady!) you’ll get 15% off your Jesus Doll purchase! Fun!

These sweet, soft dolls can be used in many ways. A Kindergarten teacher I know keeps a doll in her classroom. She uses Jesus to illustrate lessons in her faith-filled class. Jesus even takes field trips!

I bought several Jesus dolls for  counselors serving in a mission house located in the poorest housing project in my community. . The counselors work with wounded children. Jesus dolls help.

As special as the Jesus doll is, my friend is just as special. A stay-at-home mom with five precious children, she creates fun crafts in her little Etsy Shop. I’m all for supporting moms, so I wanted to let you know about her…and my buddy Jesus.

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