Ten Tips for Summer Fun With Kids!

Heading into summer and getting antsy about those summer kids?

Don’t panic!

First of all, take it from an OLD mom : You’ll miss time with your kids once they’re grown.  But let’s get practical here. The Type A Lady knows summer’s not all a bed of roses (I have the battle scars to prove it.) so let’s get crackin on our Summer LIST!!!

Side note: When I had summer sitters, I provided materials and ideas to fill the day. Handy teens can be such wonderful resources in the summer.  Hey – I even had them come when I was home. (Who doesn’t need a bathroom break?!)

Checklist for Summer Fun With Kids

1. Fill the day with Bible teaching and fun! Borrow old VBS materials, search online for activity pages or create your own Bible Study.

2. Learn! How about a Proverb a day? Read a Proverb a day and discuss it with your child. This Bible Book teaches about discipline and how to live a good life, not bad lessons for kids!

3. Make charts!  Kids love stickers – goals – prizes – FUN!  Make a chart of Proverb Verses and let the kids mark or sticker them as you learn.

Make a chart listing the qualities of a wise man verses a fool, according to the Book of Proverbs. Do the same with: Humility vs. Pride, Honesty vs. Dishonesty, Hard Work vs. Laziness. Keep the charts coming!

4. Checklist those chores !  Dry erase boards are great for this! Let them check off their chores – Count those checks!  

5.Create! Get yourself a roll of old newsprint or butcher paper and pull out the (washable) markers! Illustrate Bible verses. Draw landscapes. Make comics. Paste some stuff. Keep a table set with the supplies you need for creative time. 

6. Perform. I used to keep a basement basket full of dress ups and props. (OK, well maybe I still have it) I even put up a curtain of old sheets to create a stage area. Lights, camera, action!

7.  Write – get those kids notebooks and set them loose! Poetry, stories, journals, songs. What do they want to write???

8. GRAB – as in BAG – I kept items (We’re talkin cheap, but creative) in a Grab Bag to use for prizes for my summer kids. 

9. READ! Get involved in your library’s summer program or make up one yourself.  Pile up the great books and go!  (Points for reading? Why not?)

10. HAVE FUN! So much for my list. Here’s the most important Summer Tip:  When in doubt,  tear up the list. Be goofy.  HAVE FUN! Even a Type A can relax with a water fight. Your kids will remember that watery mess and the fun mom FOREVER!

Oh, the plays! The pictures! The experiments! The fashion shows! The pretend! The fun! Your kids can reap the benefits of TV and electronics-free times this summer!


Here are some resources to help you have fun with your kids this summer:

Let’s Hide the Word and Let’s Make a Memory — books about making Bible teaching a special part of your child’s life.

Secret Keeper Girl — Tips to help your preteen daughter prepare for adolescence God’s Way.

Keeping the Family Together…When The World is Falling Apart — Resources on raising a solid family.


2 thoughts on “Ten Tips for Summer Fun With Kids!

  1. Great ideas for moms! Towards the end of the summer when they started complaining, “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do.” I would give each one a roll of dimes. Every time they complained, they had to put a dime in the jar. I think I only got about five dimes back!


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