Interruption” is NOT the blog topic on my planning list this week. Matter of fact, the word “interruption” strikes fear in the heart of any Type A. After all, we have our plans, our lists … and our expectations.

We Type A’s know how things should roll out each day. We feel the weight of lofty goals and “important” checklists. WOW – This can be a dangerous way to live!

So… this morning I sit in God’s sunlight and thank Him for interruptions. My home has erupted for the past two days.  Visits from my adult daughters have captured my time, my car, my food, my coffee, my TV, my laughter, and my love.

I’m not getting anything done, but I’m doing everything I love.

Thank you, God, for interruptions which fill my heart. I don’t get to see these gals too much. I don’t get to hear their laughter and overflow. I’ll admit I’ve been doing a lot of just standing around listening to the delightful chaos of sisterhood unfold.

I feel a little guilty. After all, there are phone calls to make and bills to pay…but, wait…

This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Psalm 118:24

I have a sense this morning, in the still quiet of sleeping-in guests, God is gifting me this interruption for a reason. Sometimes I need to just slow down and be present in the moment. Don’t we all?

Let me reassure you, interruption is OK. As a matter of fact, it’s inevitable.

-Just as I savor this moment of sunlight, it’s OK to savor a sunlit moment of sharing. The list can wait. Godly interruptions cannot.

Hope you don’t mind my interruption. What’s yours?

Is there sunlight coming through your window this morning? Enjoy it. Is the baby drifting off to sleep? Hold him. Is there a song on the radio beckoning you to listen? Savor it.

I know you might be headed to big appointments with long agendas, but, if you can, let your life be interrupted. God may be waiting there to teach you something.

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom – Psalm 90:12

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