Fun Friday: The Grumpy Grateful Gardener

I remember when we bought this place 100 years ago (ok, maybe 25). My husband and I were spellbound at the thought of owning 120 acres.

I planted gardens before our house was built. I carried lilies and iris bulbs gifted to me by my master-gardener neighbor. They went in the ground by the old smokehouse.

That was eight flower gardens ago.

AF4B5755-437D-44E6-8089-C02DF83E0E06I planted flower gardens when I was a foolish, young Type A lady without arthritis and back pain. Today, I look at my gardens and groan. The prospect of weeding and maintaining those plots makes me, I’ll admit it, grumpy.

Truth be told, I’m a grumpy, grateful gardener.

I’m grumpy because I hate weeding. I’m grateful cause God sends me flowers anyway. Nice work, God.

I’d like to say I plan all this gardening stuff and have a grand scheme to keep my flowers organized. Nope. Long ago I chucked seeds in one direction, not really knowing what would come up. I transplanted green things with no clue of the outcome.

God gave me flowers.

Now, in my later years (OK, old years), I don’t do much gardening because I’m grumpy.

God gardens. I just sit back and watch.

835DB290-D879-41B7-8804-4C64D729931EThis year, raspberry bushes took over the barn garden. -I say: More power to them!

Daisies (which started in a plot by the farm pump) decided to grow in the middle of the sidewalk. I’m happy to have them interrupt my walk.

Some kind of blue flowers came from out of nowhere to rim my front porch. Nice color pop, God.

My lilies have morphed into monstrous clumps throughout the yard.

And the iris…well the iris. – Those guys are nodding colorful heads all over the place.

God grows my gardens like a mystery grab bag each year. I’m never quite sure what I’m gonna get…but I’m always grateful for the surprise.

One flower I’m really good at growing.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. – Ecclesiastes 3:11

14 thoughts on “Fun Friday: The Grumpy Grateful Gardener

  1. Oh my goodness Laurie!! Your pictures are priceless, your flowers, God’s precious gifts…missing you at the island, but LOVING your blog!! Many blessings…and what a BEAUTIFUL HOME you have.


  2. Absolutely love this! Reading it again on Sunday. Trying to take a new perspective on things and this just fits the bill. 😊 Ecclesiastes 3:11 had been written on the back of my hand for the weekend. ❤️


  3. Your gardens look fabulous! Just as the reminder that there is always Spring after Winter…even in our lives. God is ever faithful.


  4. Love this post!!

    I was just telling the Hubby the other day that our flower beds were WAY easier to mulch 18 years ago! 😂 I didn’t understand what the difference in energy level would be as I aged….oops!


  5. I too put in flower beds pre-arthritis and have had to slow down. But I do not have as many as you to maintain and your surprises are gorgeous. God has an amazing color pallet.


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