I’m A Strange Mom

Confessions of a Type A Woman

D9DCA6E3-C402-4EAC-BC90-BE709BBD77E9Just in time for Mothers Day! My confession: I’m a strange mom. Here’s a blog post all about my odd qualities. …Enjoy!  

Below is a list (You know I love lists!)  of my strange mom qualities. Perhaps some of you moms out there can relate:

___I do not dress like a teenager. My typical uniform of turtleneck and skirt sets off a grimace among my daughters. I don’t care. I’m the mom and I might as well look like one. I’m cozy and warm and covered and don’t have to worry about anybody thinking I’m trying to look young. I am not young. I am the mom.

___I don’t “relate.” Long ago and far, far away…I was a teenager. I can barely remember those days. I know I did a lot of theater and sang a lot. That kept me out of trouble. Now, however, I am the mom…

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