I’m A Strange Mom

I’m a strange mom. There are certain things I do that can send chills up the spine of a normal kid (especially a teenage kid).

Below is a list (You know I love lists!)  of my strange mom qualities. Perhaps some of you moms out there can relate:

___I do not dress like a teenager. My typical uniform of turtleneck and slacks sets off a grimace among my daughters. I don’t care. I’m the mom and I might as well look like one. I’m cozy and warm and covered and don’t have to worry about anybody thinking I’m trying to look young. I am not young. I am the mom.

___I don’t “relate.” Long ago and far, far away…I was a teenager. I can barely remember those days. I know I did a lot of theater and sang a lot. That kept me out of trouble. Now, however, I am the mom and I can’t compromise just because at one time I was a little flaky. I am the mom now. Sorry, I can’t relate.

___ I can say no. That’s a tough one for any mom. It’s so easy to cave in. But I’m one of those strange moms who wants her kids to know that some things are just not a good idea. My kids may not like me, but I have to say no. I can only protect my kids if I build some fences. I can’t kick the fences down just because they’re whining.

___I can be the bad guy. Go ahead, kids. Blame the strange mom. I love being an excuse to get you out of embarrassing situations or tight spots. Sure, anyone under the age of 17 may think I am strange and strict. I don’t care. I’m the strange mom and I only care what God thinks. He’s in charge.

___I embarrass my kids. I’ve been caught singing show tunes at the top of my lungs. I’m sorry, kids, but it just comes out sometimes. I also sing Veggie Tale songs and about every Kids Bible Study song in the book. Singing is my thing. I try to hide it, but sometimes it bubbles out.

___I’ve been known to dance. I love it. Usually I’m in the basement where no one is watching. Sometimes, however, I start swaying to the music in public and, if my daughter isn’t there to grab my arm, I weave my way onto the dance floor and mortify bystanders with the sight of a strange mom dancing.

___I pay attention to my kids’ movies, TV shows, internet and songs. “Is it decent?” I ask. My kids moan. When they can’t say “yes,” it annoys them. At least they understand that what they watch and listen to could affect what they think and do.

___I love my kids. Don’t we all? But I’m the strange mom who holds them accountable…because I love them. I’m the mom who wants them to work…to build integrity. I’m the mom who questions them …to make them think. I am the mom who talks about God stuff… because love doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m a strange mom and mighty proud of it.

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