Monday Moods: Getting down to the dirt


This blog post is dirty! Graphic images of dirt and grime may appear.

If you have any aversion to getting down to the nitty-gritty,

close this puppy up NOW!

There are many things I do while blogging. I’m a Type A Lady, after all. That means I can multi-task!

My favorite multi-task is cleaning. My favorite tools are my vacuum and dust buster. I love emptying those canisters of dirt. After all, I want to see the product of my labor.           

I like to dump dirt.

I think spring cleaning my heart is a lot like dumping my vacuum dirt.

I need to suck it up, check out the dirty sins in my life, and dump them (with humble apologies to my Lord and Savior).

Truth be told, I’m pretty good at hiding dirt: my pride, my impatience, my anger.

I dust off for the public and forget what’s piling up in the corners of my heart. Those corners get mighty grimy when I ignore them.

God wants me to look my sins squarely in the face. I can’t get very far ignoring my dirt. I drag it around leaving a mucky trail. I need to admit I have a problem and work on it with God’s help.

I just vacuumed crud from the family room. It’s amazing how much you can sweep up when you put some elbow-grease into it.

Ahhhh… dumping that canister of dirt feels good.

Now, I need to pause and pray for forgiveness for the dirt in my life:

I’m sorry, God, for the many ways I hurt you. Truly….I hate my dirt.

Please…help me clean up my act.

Ahhh… dumping my life dirt feels good, too.

I’m spring cleaning today…my home and my heart. 


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