Snow Day Meltdown: An Easter Story

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. ~John 14:27

The forecast for Easter is snow. This reminds me of my snow day meltdown. Here’s a memory…and an Easter message.


There may be snow on the ground, but I had a meltdown Saturday.

Type A girls are prone to meltdowns. Truth be known, once we get preoccupied cooking up earthly schemes , we’re bound to overheat, bubble over and, yep, meltdown.

The problem is a controlling attitude. We Type A’s want to make sure everything works out perfectly. Can you relate? We organize life and then get scared when something doesn’t go according to plan.

Sometimes, I’m a silent melter. Other times, I’m a shrieking banshee. Saturday, I just cried.

I’d spent months planning the auction. I had transported 130 items and meticulously placed them in a huge hall. I was good to go: T-minus 5 hours and people would flow through those doors to bid.

All this effort was for a good cause, need I say, a GOD cause? I worked myself to the bone just to make sure God was pleased. Type “A”s tend to do that.

Then…it snowed…
It snowed and it snowed….

…And it snowed.

My items were wilting and so was my spirit. No one was going to come.

What’s a good “A” to do?

Make a list,” Jesus told me in the silence of the auction hall.

“Huh?” Was Jesus asking this Type A Lady to make a checklist?

“Make a list. – What’s the most important thing to remember?”

Uh…hmmmm….You died for me?”  My hesitance was embarrassing. Jesus would not be impressed.

Jesus, however, has the patience of, well, Jesus. He waited for me to figure things out.

“You died for me.” I spoke with conviction now. I wiped my eyes and blew my nose.

Does the snow change the fact I died for you?”

“No,” I answered.

Does the cancellation of your auction change the fact I died for you?”


Does your interrupted plan change my death and resurrection?


I was seeing a pattern here.  My life wouldn’t end with this change in plans. In fact, with Jesus….my life wouldn’t end at all.

In one glorious moment, Jesus gave His life for sinners like me. I didn’t have to earn His love. I just needed to give Him my life.

Snow was gently falling outside the auction window.

“Finish your list,” Jesus seemed to whisper with the drifting flakes.

A Holy finger traced a message in the snowy banks of my mind.


I love you.”

I closed my eyes and said a prayer.I turned the hall lights off. The snow’s reflection cast a lovely light for my path.

I locked the door and stepped out into… peace.

4 thoughts on “Snow Day Meltdown: An Easter Story

  1. 💖 this! “…once we get preoccupied with cookng up earthly schemes…”

    Boy, that one hits pretty close to home! Thanks for sharing, Laurie.


  2. I’m a Type A, also. I am trying to learn to be more flexible and I feel like the Lord’s words to me in the last few weeks are “Let Go.” Let go of my plans, schedules and agenda….and look to HIs! Am trying to give it a try, it does feel different to not be constantly planning how I am going to tackle the next item on my mental list of things to do. Loved the post.


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