My Serious Sloppy Love List

I’m going to get serious about my sloppy love life today. I’m talking about loving when life gets tough.

Here’s my Serious Sloppy Love List.

What is love?

Love is digging deep when you’ve been hit hard.


This was an annual check up. No big deal. Let’s get it over with.

Love is the intimate shared silence of a husband and wife when the doctor says the word, “cancer”.

Brad and I sat suspended in time. We nodded without understanding. My mind was racing. My heart was hurting. My soul was aching and words thundered into my consciousness: “I wish it was me….not him.”

After mind-numbing instructions and surgery scheduling, Brad and I walked to the parking lot again. My husband loped his pleasant lope and hummed a nervous tune.

I slipped my arm into the fold of his arm. He continued to hum. I matched his meandering pace. We walked together, step by step.

We climbed into the truck and sat in a lengthy silence of lumped throats and hard swallows. We silently prayed.

Love is moving forward together even when you’re not sure where you’re going.

Love is agreeing: “We’ll do whatever we have to do.” (not knowing what we have to do)

Love is “We’ll get through this together.” 

That’s my sloppy love list and I’m grateful to God for it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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