My Sloppy Love Life

Give me a break. Yech! The pressure is on. Valentine’s Day is coming. The reason I know is I listened to “Love Boat – The Valentine Special”. This cutie love drove me crazy. -Good thing I had dishes to wash.

I wiped the counter watching a Hallmark “Month of Love” movie. Burning questions overtook me (NOT!): Will they fall in love? Can she overcome? Will there be a happy ending? Cmon – I know what’s going to happen. Yes. Yes. Yes, everything will end well.

No offense to these lovely TV shows, which I truly enjoy. (They relieve my brain for a bit.) but my sloppy love story does not line up with what they say.

The TV show “The Middle” was more realistic: Mom brings home a dog because he is the only creature in her home who loves her unconditionally, ie no criticism, no demands, just loving eyes and long-eared devotion.

“Touched by an Angel” said it best: Love was sloppy in this show, not neatly packaged nor picturesque. Couples bickered, brawled and complained. Enter: death to shake everyone up and help them make the choice to truly love. They learned about God, too.

Now, that’s a message I can get behind.

Brad and I choose to love the sloppy way. Thirty six years of loving have left us less demonstrative, but more devoted, less romantic, but more rooted. We choose to love and cling to God who makes this happen.

Note to Hallmark: Love is not necessarily a happy ending, but a non-ending choice to be happy.

(More of my sloppy love story to come)

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