2018 – The Voyage Begins


Type A NOTE:  SORRY!  I have been woefully delinquent in writing you! Hope to keep in touch in the new year!

I’d never been on an airplane til after I graduated from college. It took me a year to save flight money from my first job as Community Relations Director of Saint Anthony’s Hospital.

I went to Sedona Arizona to paint. The plane wheels crashed down on the Phoenix runway with mind-boggling speed. My heart raced with excitement. I began my first real journey. I was hooked.

Now, I’m a nomad. As a matter of fact, I’d describe the last two years as nomadic years. My time has been spent either traveling, planning to travel, or dealing with little disasters in homes or health which tied me to carpenters or doctors.

I thank God for my life, but sometimes, I just need to come home. Sometimes, I feel lost and forget where home truly is. Truth be told, I know the answer…but I get distracted.

When my husband asked me to marry him 35 years ago, I left the country. A European trip seemed in order. I booked Icelandair, packed a backpack, memorized two phrases in four languages:  “I don’t speak your language.” and “Where is the bathroom?”  Then…I flew away.

As a joke, my hospital coworkers made me a sign to  hang around my neck: “My name is Laurie. If found, please return to Saint Anthony’s Hospital.”

In reflecting on the past year, I’ve decided I need a new sign: “My name is Laurie. If found, please return to God.”

Where in the world have I been? In all those planes, trains, cars, boats and bicycles, did I reach my ultimate destination? I’m still working on it.

Here’s to 2018. I’m praying for some Godly voyages.  My sign’s around my neck. If you find me wandering aimlessly – please point me in the direction of God. I really need to go home.

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