Checking In: 2015


Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.~Proverbs 19:21

Wow! It’s already January 25 and I have not written you in a long, long time.
Geesh !   I am so sorry! This Type A Lady has lost control!

Yikes! I better catch up in my communication. I think I’ll start with a checklist from the year 2015. The very thought of a checklist calms me down and puts my year into perspective.

Without further ado, here’s my take on 2015. God helped me get through the past year.

Here’s how:

2015… The Type A Lady Looks Back

Type A ladies like to organize and plan. There is a sense of satisfaction to see checkable lines and dates and goals to tick off.

The year 2015 wrecked my checklist. Here are some items which were not on my list for 2015:

___My husband undergoing four cancer surgeries. Nope…this did not fit in the schedule. God told me to “simmer down” however, and to wait. So I waited. I waited in hospital waiting rooms. I waited for doctors’ meetings. I waited for test results…and through it all, I learned about patience, trust, hope, and prayer. I’ve never been very good with patience. The prayer has helped. Trust and hope were the gifts God gave me when I learned to wait.

___Dashing to the emergency room during my daughter’s wedding reception. What do chest pains and 50 people at an outdoor party at my farm have to do with each other? They both occurred on the same night. God taught me to “let go” and “get going” as I left my guests and my daughter and her groom to fend for themselves in order to drive my hubby to the ER.

___Rejoicing in small victories. Thank you, God. Brad did not have a heart attack. Too bad he had to have his gallbladder taken out.
You guessed it: surgery number five. I began to learn I should never plan on anything being normal in our lives. Expect the unexpected. God will get you through.

___Learning to let go of worries. As the year progressed, my husband’s cancer was coupled with heart problems. I learned what a cardiothoracic surgeon is. I also learned God can take our questions. Why does my poor husband have to go through all this?????

___Leaving some blank space in my days. I have always over-booked. 2015 may have shattered my checklist, but God used it to slow me down and appreciate the ones I love, especially my poor “over-operated” husband.

___Checking in with God before I check out my “to do”. I need to take time to talk to God. No excuses here. 2015 stomped its foot and tore up my checklist. Lesson learned God. I need you.

Talk to you all later in 2016!

–Love, Laurie

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