D is for “Delete” (Divorce)

old couple

“I hate divorce,” says the LORD God of Israel, “and I hate a man’s covering himself with violence as well as with his garment,” says the LORD Almighty. So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith.” – Malachi 2:16

My last post, I talked a lot about a litany of “D” words we can attribute to the devil.  I’m beginning to think divorce is another one of those words.

This culture has normalized that destructive word.  Divorce has become an option, like something laying out on the table in case another choice gets wearisome.

Hmmmmm…  Whatever happened to “Til death do us part” ?

Can this Type A Lady ask a favor of my readers?  Can you please delete the word “divorce” from your vocabulary? I know many of you have been touched by divorce.  Perhaps you have experienced it yourself.

From today forward, however, let’s delete the word “divorce”.  Let’s train our soon-to-be-weds to understand marriage is a lifetime covenant and needs effort to sustain.  Divorce is not an option.

Can we dump the big “D” out of that quiver of weapons we bring out when we get disappointed or weary or mad or fed-up. Stop using the word “divorce” as a threat.

If you’re like me, your mouth lets loose before your brain engages.  Think before you speak.  Plan before you get into those touchy situations.

Problems will come up in your marriage.  Take on the attitude of a problem-solver, not a divorce threatener.  (Hmmmm….. wondering if that is a word!)

Work on success….not failure.

In April 1970, the Apollo 13 spacecraft floundered in space with a myriad of problems. Its three crew members wondered if they would ever see home again. They desperately communicated with NASA as they tried to solve the Apollo 13 problems via long distance radio. 

During this tense time, Gene Kranz, NASA’s Flight Director on the ground,  is said to have made this famous statement to his team: 

“Failure is not an option.” 
(By the way…miracle of miracles – the flight crew of Apollo 13 returned safely.)

Let’s all agree…in order to provide stability for our children and, ultimately, for society, we need to resolve: “divorce is not an option.”

Hang in there.  Unless you are facing abuse, work on “working out” your marriage.

-Make an agreement with your spouse. The word “divorce” should not creep into arguments.

Oh…and…by the way….you WILL have arguments.

Show your children your problem-solving skills and not your “bail out” skills.

Divorce is not an option.

Get rid of that “D” word today.  Delete Divorce.

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