What’s the Biggest Problem Facing Your High School Students Today?

high school students

What’s the biggest problem facing your high school students today?

I was working with the Faith Family Resource Center to create a series of parental programs to help children succeed in high school.

Being a good little journalist, I decided to do a little investigative reporting to find out from school staff members exactly what topics they’d like to see covered in our education programs.

I went to the principal of our local high school and asked him a question.  He was a long-time teacher and administrator.

“What’s the biggest problem facing your high school students today?”

His answer was quick and concise:


Lesson learned, dear readers.  We need to work on this problem.  Divorce is affecting our families, our children, our students and society as a whole.

As a Type A Lady, I want to give a “checklist” for all couples thinking they would like to get married.

Here’s a great checklist for you to share:

The Type A Checklist for Couples

1.   Spend more time planning your marriage than planning your wedding

2.   Get your spiritual house in order: Commit your life to Christ and draw closer to Him via Bible Study.  He is the ONLY TRUE unconditional lover of your soul. Get to know God and His plan for your life.

3.   Ask God:  Is this man/woman part of Your PLAN?

4.   Don’t expect your mate to be God.  

5.   Ask yourself if your fiancé makes you a better person…or drags you down. 

6.   Get GOOD, Bible-based counseling BEFORE you get married

7.   TAKE TIME — Don’t rush into marriage without knowing the values, beliefs, commitments and spending habits of your future mate

8.   Understand:  Love is a CHOICE, not a feeling.  Choose to LOVE.

9.   DON’T think you can somehow “change” your mate

10.  Understand: Marriage is a life-long covenant which must worked on. 

The high school principal made a major impression on me.  His eyes were sad and his voice was firm.

Divorce plays a huge part in creating problems for children.  We can’t be flippant about it.

Let’s share my checklist with our children and anyone planning to marry.

Let’s do our share to delete “Divorce”.

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6

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