Who Ya Gonna Turn To?


My husband had locked the inside garage door again. For some reason, he fears an imminent break-in by our Honda Accord.

I pulled the car in and frantically closed the automatic garage door to keep dog, cats and a-sundry kittens from rushing into the garage. Safe in the darkness of a sheltered garage, I grabbed every item from the car I could pile into my hands. I was only a few steps from the back door.

I’m Type A — I wanted to clear out that car in one trip.

I always have packages in my hand, but never door keys. Juggling gym bag, groceries and briefcase, I grabbed the door handle, full of hope my hubby had unlocked the door when he came home. I’ve asked him to do that so many times.

Locked. DRAT! I banged angrily as packages began to drop. I kicked the door.

I’m not too patient.

My husband always has a pleasant smile. He flung open the door with a cheery hello. I and my falling packages spilled in. Cheery “Hellos” were not spilling from me.

As the introduction to Capture His Heart notes, we wives often overlook the simplest of gestures which could enhance our marriages. In “Capture,” the parking lot van driver loved a cheery greeting. Husbands do, too. Truth be told, I can be snippy by the end of the day. Well… ok, you twisted my arm. I can be snippy about any time of the day. All my irritation seems to be tied up in two words:

Unrealistic – expectations.

I have wasted an inordinate amount of time in my marriage expecting my husband to be my God. I expected him to read my mind…to love me unconditionally….to anticipate my needs… to be super sensitive to my “moods” and to give me what I needed before I asked.

Hmmmmm…..NOTE TO LAURIE: Let’s get this straight. God is the lover of your soul. Your husband is a fellow sinner sharing the bathroom.

Read John 15:5-6. This is a good reminder verse.

Here is your assignment for the rest of the week. Read the following verses and think about your answers to these questions:

1. What are some of our deep spiritual needs as women?
2. What is unconditional love and who can give it?
— HINT – Read the following and jot some thoughts: Jeremiah 31:3, Romans 5:6-8, John 15:9
3. What is true PEACE?
— HINT – Read John 14:27 and John 16:33
4. Why is it so important to get every spiritual need met by God alone?
— HINT — Read John 15:5-9 AGAIN and understand – Once the flower is cut off from the vine – even water won’t help!

5. What does it mean to let God be your God and your husband be the fellow sinner sharing the bathroom?
6. Can you get lost?
— HINT — Read Psalm 139 — What does this say about “getting away” from God’s love?

If you want to talk a bit about what you are reading, send me a note: lauriemeekwatkins@gmail.com

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