Summer Fun With Kids



OK, Type A girls….We’re a month into summer and I know you’re getting antsy about having those kids running around without a list of “To Dos” to keep them busy!

Don’t panic!

First of all, take it from and OLD mother — You will miss this time with your little ones…once your kids are grown up!

Nothing is better than having some down time with your children in the summer. If you want some ideas for activities, here is a start:

You can use Christian materials to fill the day with Bible teaching and fun!

If you want to create your own Bible Study, how about discussing a Proverb a day? In one month, you can complete the Book of Proverbs.

Read a Proverb a day and discuss it with your child. It’s believed God used Solomon to write most of this book to teach people discipline and how to live a good life-great lessons for kids!

Make a chart of the Proverb Chapters and let the kids mark or sticker them off as you discuss them.

Make charts (we Type As LOVE charts!)  which list the qualities of a wise man verses a fool according to the Book of Proverbs. For example, Humility vs. Pride, Honesty vs. Dishonesty, Hard Work vs. Laziness

Draw pictures to illustrate the verses, or put on a play! You are only limited by your imagination!

Here are some great books  to help you have fun with your kids this summer:

Let’s Hide the Word and Let’s Make a Memory — books about making Bible teachings a special part of your child’s life.

Secret Keeper Girl — Tips on helping your preteen daughter prepare for adolescence God’s Way.

Keeping the Family Together…When The World is Falling Apart — Resources on raising a solid family.

So – there are handy ideas for your list.  When in doubt, however, tear up the list and……

 HAVE FUN! — Even a Type A can relax with a water fight — Your kids will remember that watery mess and the fun mom FOREVER!   

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