Interruption #1

“I’ve told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” ~John 16:33

Cordele, Georgia is a sagging town.  Like the moss that hangs from its pecan trees, the town feels dried out.  Cordele seems a bit worn, dangling here in southern Georgia.

Cordele’s people are kind, however.  I never thought I’d find out how kind.  Of course, I’ve never ventured onto their exit before.    

An interruption brought me here.  

Interruptions bug a Type A girl.  I’m just glad Jesus is with me.  

I left at 3 a.m. My rental car took the exit to  Cordele. I did not plan on this, but appendicitis and pain and emergency surgery called me south.

I like to have my life planned out.  I’m a checklist kinda gal.  I wasn’t ready for the text message that popped onto my phone as my car crested a hill.  

I was climbing out of the no-cell-service countryside. It was the Sunday after July 4.

“Brad is in hospital in Georgia.”  


My husband was supposed to be driving with his father from Florida to Illinois.  According to plan, we would all get together at home after the 4th of July weekend. 


I’m glad Jesus  prepared my heart for this interruption.  I’m glad He guaranteed in John 16 that I’d have trouble.  This makes trouble more bearable…conquerable, really. 

The perky nurse speaks fast with a lilting southern twang.  She chatters, actually.  

I listen to her give me directions on my husband’s care. Then she tells me about the tiny hospital growin and the doctors goin on mission trip and on and on.      She’s precious, really…and very caring.

We pack Brad into the car and head to a hotel. Brad will be all right.  The only thing I hate is watching him suffer.  I’m trusting God with this. 

Right now, I’m crammed into my dressing room at the Ramada Inn, hiding my computer light in the darkness, hoping my husband’s pain will subside so he can continue to  sleep.

I’m glad Jesus promised me He brings peace, even in this world of trouble.  I am also glad He overcame the world.  This worldly stuff can get messy and inconvenient. 

I’m hanging on to the promise of Jesus.   I’m stickin with you, Jesus. YOU overcome.  All I need to do is put one foot in front of the other and trust You.  

Many folks have passed through this troubled way before me.  I’ve watched them cope with sickness, accidents and even death’s tragedy.  I’ve learned from their perseverance and admired their faith. 

In the computer light, I vow to keep my eyes on Jesus.  I may be a cracked pot when it comes to interruptions, but Jesus is an expert.

I say a little prayer and close the computer lid.  Time to rest. Tomorrow we begin our journey home.

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