Fill ‘er Up.

A wise person told me we won’t have much to give

if we don’t fill up every once in a while.

This is a story of filling. 

I wasn’t dressed for a snowy walk. I headed to the post office in leaky rubber clogs and an old tattered sweatshirt. No gloves.  

I grabbed my mail and headed to the car. -Opened the door. 

Something inside said pause. I pulled my hood over my head and shoved my hands into my pockets. Snow began to swirl and accumulate. It was time to drive home, so…. I took a walk.

Our Village Park is a jewel. I can’t resist the sparkle. I trudged snowdrift sidewalks in the powdery late afternoon haze. Day after-Christmas snow kept folks inside.

I was alone.

I took a deep breath of frosty chill. Senses awakened.

Suddenly, I wasn’t 66 . I didn’t carry a weary burden. 

In the pause I was ten and very much alive.  I walked the perimeter of the sleepy park.  

The park is a box locked in another time…the 1920s, perhaps, all simple and silent.  Even surrounding buildings look old and comfortably quiet.

But then…there are lights!  

I scooted past jumping reindeer and waving Santas, sledding children and smiling snowmen.

Baby Jesus made me pause in dazzling nativity splendor.

Like a Narnia adventurer, however, I was drawn to a snowy lamppost.

I stopped under the light and looked up.

By the way, when you’re filling up, don’t forget to look up.

Powdery flakes turned to glitter as they cascaded in glowing lamplight. Shimmering snow danced above me while a gray curtain of dusk fell softly on my shoulders.

Peace was palpable. 

I made the first footprints in the diagonal walk toward fluttering flags. The brave infantryman stood frozen in his run to battle.

A Christmas tree invited me into his gazebo home. I couldn’t help but visit. As always…I looked up.

The glorious framework of the gazebo rose in splendor above me. A glowing chandelier illuminated its curves.

The Christmas tree was good company. I lingered there watching the snow spin and swirl in the shelter of tree and roof. I savored the whispering silence of filling up.

A walk can be magical and mesmerizing… Peace becomes possible. 

God’s glory gathers in the snowy silence.

God’s glory fills you up.

Each one of us is truly a vessel.  We can choose to fill up with anger, fear, regret, and resulting bitterness…or…We can fill up with peace, love, joy and resulting gratefulness.  I prefer the latter.  It’s a God thing.

2022 may have bruised and bumped you a bit.

Your contents spilled.

Don’t forget to fill ‘er up in 2023 cause I guarantee you’ll get bumped again. 

Take a moment to walk. Talk to God. Tell Him thanks. Then…listen. 

Let God fill you.

If you take time to let God fill you up,  you’ll splash love with each bump. 

Here we go… walking into 2023.

Be kind to yourself and fill up with God’s love and peace.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace

as you trust in him,

so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

– Romans 15:18

4 thoughts on “Fill ‘er Up.

    1. Ah…. life has been crazy – just seeing this! THANK YOU! I am a nomad – trying to see my grandchildren and salvage my home BUT – God is so good to me ❤️. I hope you and your beautiful family are wonderful – Sending so much love! You are such a wonderful, talented person ❤️


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