My Aunt Betty had the tallest swing I’d ever seen in my life.  Of course, when I first saw her swing, my life had not been lived more than five years. My swing experience was limited.

The swing’s tall iron frame loomed high above Uncle Fred’s garage.  I can still see the thick oval chain links which anchored the swing’s wooden slab seat.  

Some random cousin parked me on that seat one day.  Then, in a burst of exuberance, he ran under the frame pushing me ahead of him.  Before I knew it…I was launched!

I gripped the chains in terror as he sent me soaring.  I swooped up so high I could see the roof of the porch,  and the asphalt road…and the kids playing ball and… the neighbor mowing the lawn and…the sky!  Suddenly, I was mesmerized!  

I could feel the breeze on my face.  I felt alive. I could sense the giddy delight of danger.  I was tantalized by the terror.  I was hooked! 

Needless to say, my visits to Aunt Betty suddenly became accompanied by a constant chant of “Push me on the swing!”

I can swing by myself now.  I settle into a rubber sling, anchored by a chain on a not-so-tall frame.  My legs dangle and I kinda feel like I’m five.

Up and down!  Up and down! I close my eyes and lean forward then back to build the swing momentum.  I open my eyes and see… the SKY! 

I’m old now and I think I need to swing every once in awhile, both physically and spiritually.

Oh!  How interesting to push upward and delight in the danger of taking a risk…reaching out…climbing higher!

-How exhilarating to feel the fresh breeze of God wake me up to the joy of living and the gift of new opportunities! 

There are so many things to do! Trying new things might bring tantalizing terror — but it’s important to try.

I’m letting the swing slow down now  and sway. I hang on and watch the nighttime view.  Thinking….

What have you got out there for me, God?    I grip the chain with newfound strength.

I’m ready to climb higher.   If you need to, God…give me a push!  




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