Foggy Thanks

Fog was a drape, thick, grayish-white, suspended in front of me.  I walked into the cloud. My gloved hand disappeared into the drape. I could see nothing in front of me,  but below me frosted stalks of grass shimmered and trembled in icicle wonder beneath my feet.

Driving was a mystery.  My beautiful lane folded into the haze.  No trees. No fields…until…

The hillsides! I turned the corner and the hills waved at me from the distance!  They rolled ahead of me in peaceful glory as I rumbled on.  I rejoiced in seeing my old friends as slowly, slowly the fog lifted.


I’m writing about giving thanks in 2021. 

My last article talked about the physical and psychological benefits of shifting our focus from a critical attitude to gratitude.  


Sometimes, I’m a little foggy, however.  Sometimes, looking for blessings during hard times is like searching through  fog on a January morning.

BUT – there ARE blessings! Shimmering there, below my feet, is sparkling icicle grass! 

Appearing through the shroud of discouragement are hillsides of hope!!!

Today I share three blessings and couple them with their “foggy” alternatives.  

Laurie’s Blessings…Giving thanks for…

Plastic window covering 
 which magically stretches when I hit it with a hairdryer blast.  (So the windows leak…my trusty plastic will keep me cozy) 




Cozy car.  I may not like driving, but gosh!  Where else can I take off my mask, enjoy the heater, blast my music and sing when no one is listening?  I also talk to God in the car and listen to Christian radio. — Good God stuff !

   Mud Boots.  Some folks call them waders.  These black knee boots helped me walk the melted ice fields to discovery the other day!  How freeing!  Sure the cold and the wet had created mud wallows…but I could conquer them with my mud boots!

Don’t miss the blessings

in the fog, folks! 

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