Thanks…for the Memories

I’ve been packing a lot of memories lately.  Do you realize, when you’re moving, you have to touch every single memory in your home? Geesh! This is exhausting. 

-Photos, toys, books, notes, and mementos are piled everywhere in my house. Oh, brother!  Laurie’s hands and heart are getting a workout.  I’m overwhelmed.

But, have no fear, God has stepped in. As with all of this “life moves on” stuff, God’s teaching me a lesson. Being  a list maker, I’m gonna put God’s lesson into an acrostic list. (Oh, goody! I love lists!  After all,, I’m a Type A Lady!) 

When dealing with packing up memories, follow this GRASP Guide:

1. G – Be Grateful. 

2. R – Let yourself Remember. 

3. A – Appreciate.

4. S – Share the memory

5. P – Pass it on (sometimes to the dumpster).     

My biggest problem is I have trouble letting go.  Ah, c’mon!  Why can’t I keep this popsicle cross Morgan made me when I was teaching music in Kids Community Bible Study? 

I found the cross today.  It made me cry.  I snapped a little photo for you. 

– Whoa there, sister!  Let’s process this through your list

G – Grateful – I’m eternally grateful God let me use my big mouth to help children know they’re loved in a big way by God!

Woohooo!  I’m grateful for Kids Community Bible Study (KCBS).  I support them whenever I can (Join me at ).

R – Remember – I remember little Morgan!  By golly, today she is 21 years old and heading off to Pharmacy School. Hmmm. I must have been 15 years old when I taught her ! (Yes, in this article about memories, I’ll admit I ’ve lost memory of my age!)    

A –  Appreciate – I’m running across many little notes from my Bible Study kids.  Besides this, I’m still hoarding  cassette tapes which I intend to sing with my grandchildren. (I’ll have to live to be 100 to sing all these songs!) 

S – Share – Maybe I’ll leave my popsicle cross on Morgan’s  front doorstep. (As if she wants my hoarded items!). Maybe not. But I hope she reads this little message of appreciation. (Her mom Angie was also a KCBS teacher. I APPRECIATE that!)

P – Pass it On  – This is the tricky part.  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna dump all my memories on you today. There are just so many baby stories anyone can take! I’ll just let them go. …Besides, you have your own memories piled up at home.  

I AM gonna pass on my story of thanking God for memories. 
They may not be cluttering my shelves any more, but God has packed them into my heart 

And…for that…I’m most GRATEFUL!


2 thoughts on “Thanks…for the Memories

    1. Awe Jan! So good to hear from you! I think of you so often and pray for you all. Photos are a great idea. I’m plowing through piles of writing – since I was 7! So that’s also a challenge! God is showing up in big ways in my life and there is hope. Someday, I’ll be able to share my whole journey, but today…I’m very very busy working and praying for wisdom and healing. Love to you and everyone in the family!


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