My Baby Quarantine

I am crawling in the darkness, full-blown, combat creep. My coordinates? Spare bedroom. Destination? Baby bed.

Chirping fills the air, then slight whimpering and a tiny sob. My mission is to calm the baby. I cannot let her see me.

I approach like a soldier on reconnaissance. At three months, my Baby is a social butterfly. If she sees one sign of a face she bursts into smiles and is ready to party. We will never get any sleep.

Whatever you do, Gran, don’t let her see you. I approach baby zone and peek through the mesh of the portable crib. There is the rocking swaddler. She’s looking right at me. Duck!

I reach one hand above my head and carefully carefully rock the crib. Back-and-forth back-and-forth. Can’t reveal my position. I rock covertly. I’m hovering in the darkness.

It’s all I can do to suppress laughter as I watch the tiny girl squeal and squirm as she tries to keep herself awake. Baby yawns. Baby wiggles. Baby sighs. Baby  yawns. Baby sleeps.

Mission accomplished.

I have the honor of being in Baby Quarantine. There is nothing so entertaining and exhausting.
After all, people, I am 63 years old. It’s been a while since I’ve lifted 14 pounds of deadweight drooling infant on a regular basis.

What makes it worse, this baby is squirmy and wiggly and giggly and reaching.

She’s a wonderful, powerful bundle of joy. I’m loving it. But….

  I’m worn out !

By baby bedtime I’m beat, but I try to be an adult and clean the kitchen.

Usually, I just fall asleep in front of the TV .

What are you doing in your quarantine? Are you, like me, doing diaper duty? Are you washing loads of laundry? Are you trying to keep a kitchen clean, although it’s constantly in use?  

Most importantly, are you basking in the joy of being thrown together with people you adore?

I am.

Well, that’s my update, folks. Laurie in Baby Quarantine.

What about you? Email me and let me know what you’re doing in quarantine. – I’m excited to write about your creative ideas! 

Hope to see you online. –

Got to go. Baby’s crying.




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