Top Five Life Tips at 95

Happy 95th Birthday,  Bert!

Bert brightens my day with his exuberance.

His smile is a dazzler. Bert lives alone in a cozy house. I love to visit. As a Type A gal, I enjoy doing little acts of kindness for him.

I clean his home and wash his laundry and dance across the living room to his 1940s music.

Good stuff.

Bert talks freely and enthusiastically about life. His memories are solid and glorious, from fighting in the Battle of the Bulge, to travel to Russia and beyond.

Bert spans the decades with adventure.

Bert talks about life with his best gal, Beth. She was his love for close-to 70 years. He still misses her. 








Bert talks and I write.

I’ve written the story of Bert’s  life. I’ve recorded his WWII stories.

 I never  miss a chance to log the legacy. 

In honor of Bert’s birthday, here are Bert’s Top Five Life Tips at 95.

Bert’s Top Five Life Tips at 95

1. Enjoy every day.

Time flies quickly. Don’t miss the joy of even the ordinary moment.


2. Appreciate the little things.

Don’t be discontented. Appreciate what you hold in front of you. 

 3. Give thanks.

Life can be very hard. Give thanks for the blessings you have.





4. Share.

I’m so blessed. I share whenever I can. 




5. Just do it!

I never missed a chance to travel or experience something new.

If you get a chance, go do it.

Thanks for the Life Tips, Bert!

Happy Birthday!

6 thoughts on “Top Five Life Tips at 95

  1. He is one of those people I am glad became a part of our lives !
    Miss seeing him ! Loved knowing when he was coming to Zillinous


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