Lisa’s Life List

She was one of my extra moms.  Our daughters were buddies from kindergarten through high school.  Our homes were interchangeable. It was easy to share children.

I was speechless when I found out Lisa had cancer.  It was one of those moments your mind is racing with an echoing, “WHY, WHY, WHY?”

God and Lisa settled my mind. It was useless to wrestle with anxious questions.  It was better to move forward with a new perspective.

One blessed day, I sat with Lisa in her cozy kitchen. We prayed and talked. I began to understand this would be an important journey.  God also let me know, no matter what happened, Lisa would be OK at journey’s end.

I had something to learn from my God and my friend.  I talked to her about how cancer changed her life. Today, I share what Lisa taught me.  Today, I share Lisa’s Life List.

Lisa’s Life List

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

“I’ve learned not to sweat the little things. Each day is precious time God has given me, not to be wasted.” – Lisa

2. Look for God’s blessings in everything

“My eyes have been so much wider open to the daily blessings God provides. God’s blessings are found everywhere. We just need to open our eyes to them. Worrying does absolutely no good and wastes precious time.” – Lisa

3. Don’t choose bitter

“Instead of the, ‘Why me?’ attitude, realize there is a reason God has chosen you take this path. Take what may seem like a negative and find the positive.”  – Lisa

“We can’t predict what will happen to us. We often can’t control our circumstances, but we can control our response to those circumstances.” – Lisa

4. Know God is with you every step of the way

“I see God’s messages and signs everywhere and I thank God more often for the blessings He has given me.” -Lisa

As Lisa’s condition worsened, we’d sit side by side on her couch reading the Bible. We looked for every verse about Heaven. Our discoveries led me to write a little book about Heaven for Lisa. It’s called “There Will Be No More Darkness for Me”

Near the end, when Lisa could no longer lift her head or talk, I joined her pastor, friends and family as we circled her bed. We wanted to show Lisa what her life celebration would be like. She had planned it. Guitar music filled the air. A daughter and friend sang “I’ll Fly Away” Pastor read from the Bible and I ended by singing a simple song, “Come to Jesus”.

At 1 a.m. one morning, almost ten years ago, Lisa died.  I stepped outside. The morning star was blazing bright in the darkest sky,  I gazed at the star and remembered Jesus is, in fact, our bright Morning Star. In the darkest of times, He brings light. He brought me light through Lisa

For the past ten years, I’ve shared Lisa’s Life List in newspaper articles, talks, performances and, today, in my blog. I hope you enjoy them.

Lisa’s memorial tree stands in the church yard.
When Lisa’s daughter was married, she carried Lisa’s photo with her flowers.


11 thoughts on “Lisa’s Life List

  1. Two of my sweetest blessings from God were singing with Holly at Lisa’s funeral and having the privilege of caring for her near the end. She was a beautiful soul, and left a beautiful legacy behind for her children to pass on. Thanks for sharing, Laurie. Love you!


  2. Laurie, this is so beautiful, comforting and a reminder that life with Jesus doesn’t end, we just graduate. Thank you for once again sharing your heart, truth, and Love.


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