Christmas for Commoners

You wouldn’t want to sit next to them on the bus. Smelly. Dirt on their hands. Raggedy clothes.

Shepherds were not popular in Bible times. They lived in the fields. They slept on the ground and smelled like their sheep. -Hardly A position to be honored.

And yet….

God in all His glory sent them a message.

God in all His glory honored the common folk.

God in all His glory shimmered the light of a thousand stars and a thousand angels above the heads of the humble workers.

God in all His glory led this rag-toggle group

to His one and only SON: Light of the World.

The shepherds got in on the biggest birth announcement in the history of humanity. They stood as witnesses to the Savior.

-Isn’t that just like God? He reached down into the dirt to speak to the common folk with uncommon love.

So…today…we’re all common folk, whether rich or poor, popular or unpopular. We wear the dirt of our sins. We all lie in the fields of our own regrets.

And yet.

God in all His glory speaks to us with shimmering light  and  calls us to come  to  come  to HIM!

Glory to God !

The light has come to ALL of us!

Let’s turn

and embrace the LIGHT!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Thank you for loving us common folk !

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