Painting: Day 6. I am NOT done!

Do you do things day after day which drive you crazy? OR have your days become so dreary and monotonous you want to escape?

Enter: Painting: Day 6. I am NOT done. 

Maybe you haul off to a job, sit at a desk, make business deals, wipe runny noses, diaper babies, soothe criers, calm teenagers and on and on…Rinse : repeat.

My Bible Study Buddy Becky reminded me of Col 3:17. This verse has the power to transform every mundane thing into a Kingdom thing.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. – Col 3:17

I love it!

For 35 years, I worked in business. I ran healthcare programs, promoted university communications, and processed insurance marketing. This kept me pretty busy and…frazzled.

Now that I’m retired, I basically do the following: I clean, scrub, shovel, sling dirt, schedule, do laundry, write and…paint. God can use all of this, if I remember to Colossians 3:17.

What are you doing today? Do it for God. I promise, it’ll put a whole new spin on even the most annoying tasks.

When you give your work to God:

-You help people.
-You groom the next generation.
-You lay a foundation for the future.
-You reach out.
-You influence for good

The bottom line is, most anything can be God work, if you give it to Him!

Let God into your day today. God can transform your tasks into work for the kingdom!

Next: I’ll tell you how Country White helped me praise God! 


2 thoughts on “Painting: Day 6. I am NOT done!

  1. You know I love that verse! Of course I’ve moved out of the “wiping runny noses” phase… thanks for mentioning the “calming teenagers” thing. (Nice to be reminded that it can be done for God, too! 😁)


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